Plaster Paint Sample Pack

Plaster Paint Sample Pack

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Sample pack  contains one 4oz  container of  each of the following products::

Paint :Tamale Red, Simple White, Jade Green and Black Tie

Sealer: Liquid matte wax sealer.

(Pick up only- we cannot ship during freezing weather)

The easiest paint you’ll ever use, with no priming or sanding. Just clean and paint.

  • Requires minimal to no prep work nor sanding.
  • Very durable finish. Thick, self-leveling coats.
  • Available in a wide variety of colour options.
  • Works well on most surfaces including woods, metal, and glass.
  • Great for layering two or more colors to achieve anything from shabby chic to flawlessly finished.
  • Seal with either liquid or paste wax for a long lasting durable finish.